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Hiraal Education and Training is registered by the Somali Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE). It seeks leadership and excellence in the field of education, training and consultancy by providing quality programs and services that meet the needs of the target area and audience as well as contribute to the overall development of the field. Hiraal’s approach is that education should contribute to the attainment of sustainable livelihoods, decent and dignified living; and an active and aware citizenry committed to lifelong learning.

Hiraal Education and Training uses its expertise in helping those involved in the education sector. Whether it is government or private education entities, Hiraal Education and Training Consultancy provides expertise in curriculum planning and implementation, policy formulation, and teacher training.


Hiraal Education and Training Consultancy strives for leadership and excellence in educational and training consultancy with a commitment to meeting the needs of the wider society, the target audience and the concerned stakeholders. 


The mission of Hiraal Education and Training is to provide wide-ranging support for its clients in order to achieve their goals, create opportunities conducive for the attainment of those goals, establish a result-based culture, and build relationships that go far and beyond. We are committed to making valuable contributions to the education sector in Somalia and the wider East African region.


Aims and Objectives

Hiraal Education and Training Consultancy is established with the purpose of providing educational research, teaching, training and consulting services to diverse clients in and outside Somalia. Hiraal Education and Training Consultancy shall offer its services to both private and public clients engaged in all facets of educational development.

The aims and objectives for which Hiraal Education and Training Consultancy is established are to:

  1. Prepare qualified educational practitioners.
  2. Prepare specialized educators in Arabic and Islamic studies.  
  3. Review, evaluate and develop context-relevant educational materials.
  4. Prepare specialized competencies in various learning areas including literacy and numeracy, life skills, electronic and digital learning, continuous professional development for educational practitioners, inclusive and special education and needs.
  5. Provide effective services, training programs and professional consulting.   
  6. Build effective community partnerships that contribute to sustainable development.  
  1. Deliver effective consultative solutions to clients and support them in the decision making process.
  2. Foster the growth of a research and development based culture in Somalia and the wider East African region.

Our Core Services

  1. Providing effective and fruitful academic programs that meet the needs of different groups and ages such as children, youth and adults.
  2. Provision of strategic planning and policy to key players in the education planning and implementation.
  3. Delivery of cutting edge research and evaluation in the education sector.
  4. Development of content for course, curriculum and training materials development for delivery on various platforms.
  5. Provision of enriching and fulfilling professional development programs for educational practitioners.
  6. Designing educational projects and preparing detailed implementation strategies.

Our Core Values






Lifelong Learning


Equity and Justice